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Reviewer: Miranda Fave Signed [Report This]
Date: 29 May 2014 23:52 Title: Complete Response

I don't understand where my review for this is. I've read this bit at least before. I'm sure of it. Alas, it is again neat to revisit. So much I love about your Heritage story and your writing. You somehow make a person very much at home with it. You invute them in. Like Beth and her Tiger (love the pet name), you allow them to revel in the blanket of your stories.

There's somethig irrascipble about Beth, she's flirty and teasing and fun and I suppose that makes her very much like her father and no wonder her Risa reputation then. However, she also seems to have his early drive and determination with blinkers on so that she ignored and/or missed tristian's advances and falling for her. She didn't let herself see him. Which is sad in some ways but maybe the time and the advancement of their careers allows them to avoid the mistakes made by her parents in their youthful relationship. Maybe that's why and how B&T can get on the same page (if not on the same bed each night) in their relationship now.

Reviewer: Mistral Signed [Report This]
Date: 13 Jan 2014 12:18 Title: Complete Response

Nice story. A reflection of sorts.

Reviewer: SLWatson Signed [Report This]
Date: 17 Feb 2009 02:30 Title: Complete Response

So glad to see Beth's side of the story. Ahh, love. Thanks for this!

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