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Reviewer: FalseBill Signed [Report This]
Date: 08 Dec 2013 22:20 Title: Separation Anxiety

A great scene, well written as always with Icheb trying to rationalise his three-month cadet tour separation from Maren. I like the little touches that show the pair of them young love.
As always his thoughts till seem Borg taint but you give him such humanity that shines through, as he realises how much he care about Maren.

Reviewer: Lil black dog Signed [Report This]
Date: 08 Dec 2013 21:29 Title: Separation Anxiety

This really encapsulated 'young love' well.  Not young in terms of the age of the participants, but young in the sense of a burgeoning relationship.  Despite assurances and an unwavering sense of security in the strength of the bond, there is still so much angst at the prospect of being apart, even for a little while; even  knowing that the separation will have a finite end to it.

This sense of emotional urgency tends to diminish with the duration of the relationship.  Times apart are dealt with with less trepidation as the bond between two people grows ever stronger.

You captured that feeling of urgency which permeates shiny new relationships well, while staying true to Icheb's Borg-like perspective on emotions.  This might warrant a companion piece, from Maren's POV, just to highlight the contrast in the way each deals with these emotions.  Just sayin'...;-)

Reviewer: SLWalker Signed [Report This]
Date: 07 Dec 2013 06:31 Title: Separation Anxiety

They are like, the wonders of a generation, all kinds of brilliance... and here, though, they're just two kids in love who have no fricken clue how they're gonna deal with the separation. Which, if you ask me, makes them about a million percent lovable. I like how he's sort of scrambling in a Borg-ish, analytical way to think of how not to EVER GO THROUGH THIS PARTING AGAIN in the future. Perfect.

Reviewer: trekfan Signed [Report This]
Date: 28 May 2013 03:53 Title: Separation Anxiety



That’s this story in two very heavy, very sad words. Maren and Icheb are such a pair and this is one of the main reasons why I’m totally committed (minus a brief alternate universe flirtation) to Team I/M. Not only do they care about the work, they care about each other MORE than the work. So often in Starfleet you see the “Career” decisions made. Riker/Troi is a good example of this (Riker, how the hell do you justify abandoning Troi to make captain … and then staying XO FOR YEARS with her by your side? *facepalm*) but that’s not the case here. Icheb has his priorities down. Maren is the most important thing in his life and he knows that, he feels that in his very soul, and he has to make sure she doesn’t get away.

What ultimately happens still sucks, but emphasizes this point even more. The heartache these two share, the little things they exchange with one another through the small motions-the kisses on the forehead, the brave smile-is what makes them so engaging as a couple. Three months isn’t so long in the long run but this was a story filled with heartache and a bit of heartbreak for the reader (or at least me for I know what happens later on) and I hope, somewhere down the line, Icheb remembers this.

This is important to remember, Icheb. If you can remember this, you’ll be all right.

Well done.  

Reviewer: Miranda Fave Signed [Report This]
Date: 11 Sep 2011 08:51 Title: Separation Anxiety

Cé fath? How is it that I missed out reviewing this? Shame. Shame on me. ;)

Of ocurse, you know already how much I love the dynamics between Icheb and Maren, even here in the honeymoon period. Or prehoneymoon period given that Icheb longs to marry Maren. I think the fact that he doesn't ask her at this juncture shows a maturity to Icheb's emotional side we didn't always grant him from the series - or indeed from some of his mishandling of their later relationship in your story. Icheb always was a little wiser for his years but you wouldn't always say he acted emotionally mature - putting his life at risk in order to save Seven brings immediately to mind. However here he understands that it would be wrong and bad timing to ask Maren to marry him.

One thing I know I didn't say when I did read this the first time round is how much I like the tidbit about the limited communication. I like how in fanfic we can make the Trek universe seem much bigger and limiting than the show sometimes made it feel. Communication isn't always possible and may happen in different forms.

Author's Response:

Thank you for the review, MF.  :)  

This (along with their years at Utopia Planitia post-graduation) is definitely sort of the golden age of the I/M relationship ... and by extension, the golden age of Icheb's social skills.  They have spent the last few years at the Academy getting to know each other very well, and building a strong trust and understanding between them.  He has learned a lot from her (and she from him).  In some ways, she's his security blanket.  That's why when you see them again on the Tesseract, he's actually less mature in some ways ... away from her influence, in his self-imposed isolation, he's regressed emotionally.

As for the communications ... I figure only the bigshots get to use the subspace video links whenever they feel like it, at least when the ships are out in deep space.  A first-class cadet on a training cruise?  Wait your turn for the phone booth, kiddo.  (And while you're waiting, swab the deck!)  ;-)  If nothing else, I would think the powers that be would want cadets' contact with loved ones back home limited as part of their training ... to make sure they can handle it in the event communications actually are lost.

Again, many thanks for reading and reviewing.  

Reviewer: Nerys Ghemor Signed [Report This]
Date: 10 Sep 2011 19:50 Title: Separation Anxiety

It's very interesting to see the way you've portrayed Icheb's emotions here.  It's clear that he does have emotions--and very much so--but the way you've portrayed them, with short, almost clinical statements, really reinforces how poorly-prepared Icheb really is to cope with and articulate those emotions.  Like Seven before him, he seems to view them...despite my assumption that he doesn't have the implant Seven supposedly had that suppressed strong a problem to be solved and eliminated than a healthy part of his existence.

Janeway really, really screwed up when it came to Seven, and then expecting the absolutely petulant and cold Seven of Nine to be a good role model for anyone, let alone a vulnerable child.  This shows further evidence of it.

Given that, I wonder why he (and Seven) didn't try to follow the Surakian philosophy instead.

It also strikes me just how dedicated Maren must've been to have a friendship with Icheb because there is quite a strong possibility that regardless of Icheb's intentions, it could easily become a one-sided relationship with Icheb only taking and never giving (not up to the standards and needs of an emotional race, anyway).

But it's clear that it did happen somehow, because as much as Icheb tries to ignore it, he really does care.

Author's Response:

It's always a bit of a happy surprise to get a review from you, Nerys!  Thanks so much for reading and commenting.  Icheb definitely has strong, deeply felt emotions, but he doesn't have the foggiest idea what to do with them most of the time.  He varies between acting too impulsively, or holding his cards too close to his chest and trying to over-analyze everything.  As for Maren, he loves her.  That said, your assessment of the balance of their relationship is pretty valid -- he is the needy one in the relationship, whether he understands that or not.  I wouldn't call the relationship one-sided, though.  Icheb offers Maren a lot that she couldn't find with anyone else.

Reviewer: jespah Signed Liked [Report This]
Date: 31 Jul 2011 19:45 Title: Separation Anxiety

Partings are difficult, and I think you nailed this one well. I think this situation could, possibly, also have some anticipation, e. g. something's going to be learned; there's a reason why he's off to parts (to the reader) unknown.

I hope he comes back soon.

Author's Response:

Thank you kindly for the feedback and the stars.  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  The reason he's off to parts unknown is his senior-year training cruise.  He's a year older than his girlfriend, so she's staying behind to continue her studies at the Academy.  He'll be back.  ;-)  

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