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Reviewer: Isadorabelle Signed [Report This]
Date: 30 Dec 2010 11:05 Title: Star Trek: Lambda Paz character biographies

I had no idea that we could do this as companions to our stories. This was awesome, thank you!

Author's Response: Glad you approve. Check out other entries under the category of "Meta Essays and Everything Else."

Reviewer: Miranda Fave Signed [Report This]
Date: 01 Jun 2010 22:28 Title: Worlds of Deep Space Nine Expanded Universe

Great. I look forward to the final version. Certainly Andor and the Andorians are a fascinating species and it is great seeing them explored. Again, you are to be commended for this effort. It is no easy task.

Author's Response: The finalized chapter on Andor is up. The "Worlds of the Federation" reference work suggested that Andorians were an insectoid race and the planet is mostly desert. The latter theory was certainly debunked on Star Trek: Enterprise. The antennae still partially resemble insect antennae, yet serve a purpose similar to those of bats' ears. That is certainly true of the Aenar. Based on additional information supplied in the novels, I would surmise the Andorians and the Aenar are similar to Babylon 5's Hyak and Hyak-Doh, where one race hunted the other to extinction ages ago and wound dooming themselves as a result. The Bajor chapter offers plenty of conjecture regarding ambiguous aspects of the society, especially their religion. I would guess that various interpretations of their faith exist based on Voltaire's words in "Letters on England". Besides, the whole race seems to have gotten along much like the many ethnicities in India (the ones that practice Hinduism at least).

Reviewer: Miranda Fave Signed [Report This]
Date: 31 May 2010 18:02 Title: Worlds of Deep Space Nine Expanded Universe

An intriguing concept to write your own Worlds of Trek. Whilst I know of those in Trek Lit I am still unfamiliar with them or their style. I think they wrote stories about the various worlds exploring certain facets of the various familiar but all too unknown worlds of trek.

This attempt to write about the worlds is much more factual in nature. This makes it interesting to read however if I might be so bold to say that I'd have liked more to read within this chapter about Andor. You have tried to stay clear of vomitting out Memory Alpha information and made some conjectures [for example about Andorian radiation] that I've never read before. So there is a novelty there for me at least. I'd like you to trust your gut and make your own of these factual accounts and not worry too much about straying beyond the canon and known. Good luck. A bold and ambitious project - kudos for taking it on. What others have you planned on tackling?

Author's Response: As this is not yet completed, the current chapter Andor is not the final version, with a deeper look into the history of the species similar to Nerys Ghemor's explanation of Cardassians' mixed mammalian and reptilian characteristics. And on the subject of four Andorian sexes, it provides for some interesting storytelling, yet it seems highly unlikely in a humanoid species. According to The Doctor, Species 8472 has five sexes.

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