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Reviewer: Cowgirlcadet1701 Signed [Report This]
Date: 14 May 2015 20:45 Title: New Year's 2386

I love your stories about these two. MORE!

Reviewer: Cowgirlcadet1701 Signed [Report This]
Date: 16 Apr 2015 03:04 Title: I Don't Want It To End

"a doctor, not a miracle worker" Was that a deliberate insertion of a classic McCoy-ism, or did it just happen?

Good story. I like.

Reviewer: M C Pehrson Signed [Report This]
Date: 28 Oct 2014 17:19 Title: New Year's 2386

I enjoyed this quiet moment by the fireplace with Seven and Paul. Nothing like a mountain cabin to help a good relationship along. As always, you did a great job with these characters, making the scene very believable. 

Reviewer: M C Pehrson Signed [Report This]
Date: 01 Aug 2014 19:55 Title: Tom's Long Monday

I am glad to see you writing about the holigraphic Doc. He is one of my all time favorite Trek characters, and I do seem to recall him having a bit of a case for Seven. I always felt deeply for him and his struggles to be taken seriously. (Which often backfired and made him seem more ridiculous than ever.)

Poor guy. I can see that all these years later, he's still so fond of Seven that he can't bear the thought of her seeing another man--and a flesh and blood man, at that. 

"Subroutine addled brain". Wow, that remark from Tom had to hurt, but the Doc got in a parting zinger of his own.  

You did a great job handling these characters.


Reviewer: M C Pehrson Signed [Report This]
Date: 01 Aug 2014 19:36 Title: Calling the Collective

This was delightful. As always, your handling of Seven is superb, and you have Admiral Janeway's character pinned down just as well. Her warmth, her humor, her grit. All throughout this interchange, I could see them vividly and smiled along. 

Yes, Seven, emotions do made calculations chaotic. And I am really wondering where her next step with Paul might lead. Will there be a kiss? How would she react to such a human intimacy? 

I found it interesting that she refrained from listing her childhood collective--the birth family she knew and loved before she was taken by the Borg. Was it just too painful a memory?


Reviewer: Gatekeeper Signed [Report This]
Date: 01 Jun 2014 01:34 Title: Tom's Long Monday

One of the things that fascinates me about the later iterations of Trek is their use of artificial intelligence, and the emotional and ethical considerations of such. Though admittedly, I haven't watched much Voyager, it fascinates me that a hologram (holograph?) could entertain notions of a romantic interest with a flesh and blood member of the crew.

Poor Tom. He had the unpleasant duty of telling the doctor the truth of the situation, whether he wanted to do it or not. Pity the doctor took it so badly. And, of course, it had to happen on a Monday.

I am enjoying reading this series. When I watch some Voyager, I feel like I will really know who Seven is.

Reviewer: Miranda Fave Signed [Report This]
Date: 26 May 2014 22:19 Title: Calling the Collective

First, I like the calling Janeway by Captain usage by Seven. It seems a comfort zone to go to. Like so much about Seven, despite her former Borg nature, she can actually be resistant to change and adaption, even though this is a cornerstone of the Borg development. Not something Seven would admit about herself. Especially as she does relate to metaphors and analogies in such terms as here when Janeway talks about the 'evolution' of her and Paul's relationship. Seven can begin to make the connection to the need to change to avoid the mistake of Janeway's 'coasting' relationship. However, I sensed from the piece that the fallout from her relationship with Chakotay was such that it changed irrevocably and that has hindered Seven in so many ways, especially as she seems to have cut ties with the crew to an extent (outside work related ties such as Paris and Torres it seems). No wonder Seven is reluctant to evolve her relationship with Paul as it would only cause her to worry that she would ruin the status quo. We saw on Voyager how Seven often did react badly to change - the prospect of returning to Earth etc in various episodes.

This break up does explain why it is only the fourth time she's been to Janeway's. Their mentor/student, mother/daughter relationship aboard Voyager obviously seems to have changed some since too. The break up with the Chak seems to explain that some - although to me it doesn't explain why Janeway didn't instigate meetings. I guess there's a lot of untold dynamics going on here (that I'd honestly like explored especially given that Seven seeks Janeway still for advice).

It is great to see Seven explored beyond the series and what her life is after Voyager. She has to have had a hard path just like kes7's Icheb but unlike him might not have the hopes and aspirations of a Starfleet career to throw herself into. And it seems you are going for the civilian capacity route with Seven. I like that a relationship is a part of that exploration and unlike in Season 7 it is not Seven who is trying to charge the relationship according to a plan akin to an experiment. Instead, she's more willing to seek advice and understands part of a relationship is the risk to get emotionally hurt.

A neat introduction to this, as I've not followed your Paul/Seven series too much to date. However, I really like the idea of it and want to see it handled, like here with a degree of depth and circumspect. Only tidbit of advice is to watch a few instances where the she and she and her and her was a little confusing as to which she. But really well done trekfan, you do characters in (or working to be in) relationship really well.

Reviewer: SLWalker Signed [Report This]
Date: 07 Dec 2013 06:56 Title: While You Were Unconscious

I could swear I already reviewed this. o.O Or maybe I said it aloud. Anyway. I absolutely adore the back-and-forth between Seven and Tom here. The way he brings up the number of times they've had a conversation, and when she has a ready answer, the swift quantifier of 'over ten minutes'. I like how he keeps on her about how it wasn't actually her fault. And I like how the conversation goes from light to pretty damned serious, leaving both her and the reader plenty of food for thought.

Really, they're an inspired couple. Good work with that hookup!

Reviewer: Mackenzie Calhoun Signed [Report This]
Date: 15 Oct 2013 03:16 Title: I Don't Want It To End

Well put together with good dialogue. Marked improvement on some of the Voyager episodes involving Seven.

Reviewer: kes7 Signed [Report This]
Date: 07 Oct 2013 03:56 Title: Coffee Tables, Kadis-kot, and Cobbler

So cute.  I like seeing her not failing on a date.  You do her voice so well.  I'm really impressed.

Reviewer: FalseBill Signed [Report This]
Date: 06 Oct 2013 14:53 Title: Coffee Tables, Kadis-kot, and Cobbler

Wow, a excellent effort at a second date, Seven behaviour seems perfectly in character and the poor Doctor, I can only imagine how ineffective he has been in the office today, while he tried in vain to come up with a second date idea.

The clock watching to end of shift was a good way to underline how distracted he is, but who can blame him, I’d be distracted if I had a date with Seven.

I like how the while this could be mundane, by adding the good doctor thoughts and worries, you make this a wonderful romance story and capture the real nature of love, people who accept you for who you are.

I do like that you finally get the doctor to question about Seven about her thin catsuits in cold weather. The description of the supplement and the cobbler, do like Seven got some baking knowledge left over from the Borg collective, or was it a deflection that she had enjoy helping Neelix baking in the past perhaps?

The Kadis-Kot game was a nice scene, it might not be the shortest game Seven every play but it revealed a lot about the two characters.

Here hoping the tricky third date story isn’t long in coming as this is an interesting romance to read.

Reviewer: Enterprise1981 Signed [Report This]
Date: 04 Oct 2013 01:25 Title: I Don't Want It To End

I'd sure like to be set up on a date with Seven of Nine. Hee hee. All kidding aside, I enjoyed seeing how two largely introverted people try to hit it off. And they certainly did. Very well written.

Reviewer: Lil black dog Signed [Report This]
Date: 27 Sep 2013 05:06 Title: I Don't Want It To End

Aww, sweet, wee piece, TF.  I must admit to not being all that familiar with Seven (enough to know whether her voice is right, or that strawberries are her favorite), but the bit with Paul being set up on a blind date hit close to home.

So glad things worked out, and that they were able to have an enjoyable evening--which looks like it will lead to others--in spite of some of the unsavory events that transpired.  Nice job.

Reviewer: Niobium Signed [Report This]
Date: 13 Sep 2013 09:33 Title: I Don't Want It To End

This was a lot of fun to read--I like how we get to see him go from mostly focusing on ending the date so he can get out, to actually enjoying himself (unfortunate brawl not-withstanding). I really liked the bit about how some people won't care that Seven's not Borg anymore (not really)--a reminder of what she may have to deal with on a nonstop basis.

Reviewer: jespah Signed [Report This]
Date: 12 Sep 2013 16:15 Title: While You Were Unconscious

I love how well this works (and her crack about him being unable to listen was priceless).

He is right, of course, that getting hurt is a part of the package. But we go into it anyway, not even necessarily blindly, knowing that bad things could happen. But most people see these as acceptable risks or at least bearable ones. 

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, Seven.

Well done.

Author's Response:

Thanks, jes. I loved writing Seven and Tom, as the two of them don't get a lot of screen time together in the series. Their interactions are few and far between. But Tom has always been one to tell it like it is and be able to speak truths others don't want to hear, and so he did that here. He was great in this piece and I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Reviewer: FalseBill Signed [Report This]
Date: 12 Sep 2013 00:18 Title: While You Were Unconscious

This is an excellent expansion of the missing time period from your earlier story of Seven and Paul date. I again think you’ve got both characters right. Tom is Tom from his first line, to his mocking of the EMH opening line, also to his need to say the right thing and the right thing by Seven and tell her the truths that she didn’t want to hear about love. You’ve got Seven reactions and her unnecessary self blame, for the cause of injuries to feel right, it almost as if you were enjoying the ability to torture seven with her in demons and how she tries to rationalize her irrational decision to take Paul home rather than to the nearest medical facility.
Seven seems to show some signs of growth but it clear she still got a long way to go to acknowledge her human side and her emotions impact.

Still this works as a stand-alone story and I do think it benefits from been separated from the original story.

Author's Response:

Thanks Bill. This was intended, from the get-go, to be a separate story but it really had some legs (more than I anticipated) and using Tom Paris as the guy to bail Seven out felt like the right call. I had considered using the Doctor, but as Seven herself alluded to, it would have been uneasy (otherwise known as awkward). I thought about maybe Janeway herself, but Tom Paris has always been a favorite of mine to write for and he wanted to play, so I let him.

The fact that Tom and Seven had few talks like this (and interaction in general) in VOY really cemented the idea for me. Seven needed help but she didn't want to involve the Doctor or Janeway (her two closest allies/friends) and so she called up Tom, who was kinda at fault anyway for dragging her to the party.

Tom has always been good at telling it like it is and I figured, with the VOY crew back on Earth, you have some time there to evolve the relationship. I didn't see Seven and Tom being more than really fringe friends before this but from this point on Tom will play a larger role.

Seven is very much guilt-ridden about getting other people hurt, as was demonstrated multiple times in VOY, and I don't see that changing even back on Earth. It's irrational, but it's a flaw of hers. She will have a ways to go as far as growth is concerned but she'll get there. Hopefully with Paul but we'll see. Thanks for the review.

Reviewer: FalseBill Signed [Report This]
Date: 12 Sep 2013 00:03 Title: I Don't Want It To End

Well Done TF, you’ve manage to deliver on the your original WFW set piece and make a enjoyable view of an very awkward first date between two people who social graces are a little lacking and yet as a combination they work.

The choice of song and the fun you manage to convey is excellent. I like that you did throw the drunk in to disrupt the perfect evening, the little touches like recalling that strawberries are her favourite, show the master craftsmen inside you.

Author's Response:

Thanks Bill. The original piece was never meant to be anything more than what it was ... a simple one-off. There were never any plans to really do more with it or in the same vein as it ever again, but this challenge brought it back to the forefront for me. I decided to let it ride and, boy, did it ride. The two of them are similar but different, both in need of growth socially and both a bit unwilling to do it ... but together, I hope, they'll find the courage to overcome their fears and become better, together.

And, yes, the drunk in there is meant to mess things up and mess things up he did. There's no such thing as a perfect evening, as these two will discover, but things will certainly get better in the future for them ... in some ways. If there is a future, which I think there is. Thanks for the review.

Reviewer: jespah Signed [Report This]
Date: 10 Sep 2013 16:35 Title: I Don't Want It To End

Aw, squee!! So lovely.

The voices are true, the exposition just so, and the scenes are very believable. Well done!

Author's Response:

Thanks, jes. The voices were the most important part of this, not just because of the singing either, but because of the way both characters had to speak and act in this situation. Neither is even close to an extrovert (both rather introverted) and so being on a date, together, could have been agony for both. Thankfully, it wasn't.

Thanks for the comment :)

Reviewer: TemplarSora Signed [Report This]
Date: 10 Sep 2013 12:11 Title: I Don't Want It To End


That was really sweet. I felt you stayed really true to Seven, and "evolved" her character in a way to account for being back on Earth. It was a really great job.

And the poor doc...yeah, I'd probably kill Vicky too if she had set me up on a blind date with Seven. I was really glad to see that he got more comfortable and intrigued, and then to see that Seven had also enjoyed herself was wonderful, too.

That awkward moment on a first date where you can't remember what you're supposed to do...that was awesome. Think you nailed it on the head. Going to admit, I laughed when you stayed true to your reputation and pulled the rug out. Sure, they could have had a nice romantic evening, but where's the fun and torture in that, right? But, it also wasn't just thrown in randomly; plenty of people are going to still be wary of the Borg. Surprised that the drunk waited for them to finish singing to make his move.

Which...the singing. Awww...that was really awesome when Seven started playing along with him, and it seemed like she really WAS having a very fun time. I really loved that part.

A pretty good throw at the challenge. Not sure how to compete with you here... :)

Author's Response:

Thanks, TS. Yes, I took special care to evolve Seven a little but not too much. I didn't want to have her acting OOC but being on Earth for as long as she had at this point in my timeline (about 7 years -- the number 7 is everywhere ... ) she had picked up a few things. Still, social situations are very uncomfortable for her.

Just another thing she shares with Paul, who is no social butterfly. Vicky, being the loving sister that she is, has been trying to set him up for years. Paul is a horrible date most of the time, always fallng over himself. He lacks social grace and Vicky knows this, but thankfully she knows Seven does, too. She and Tom Paris conspired to bring this two together (they have their own little history, but that's another day).

Anyways, based on my very limited experience, pulling from others experience, and just guessing really, I came up with their interactions. I'm glad it all seemed good to you because, honestly, I wasn't quite sure how it would come out.

As to why the drunk waited till the end of the song, he was in the bathroom for most of it. He didn't see who was on the stage till they came off (those stage lights are bright to the drunk, blearly eyed). That's why he went berserk then. But Seven quickly put him down. (like a boss).

The singing was a very fun part for me to write and Seven was having fun. As the relationship between these two progresses, you'll see her play along with him more. Music really is going to be a big part of their relationship, for both of them.

Thanks for the review :)

Reviewer: SLWalker Signed [Report This]
Date: 10 Sep 2013 08:51 Title: I Don't Want It To End

Adorable. Paul comes across as delightfully sweet, and Seven also was in her own, understated way. Too late to demand a sequel? XD

Author's Response:

Sequel has been greenlit, Steff. These two had way more play than I originally anticpated and are probably in my top three 'favorite couples to write' already. The next installment in their dating lives should be interesting, but expect this to be a slow burn. Neither one of them are prone to moving fast (most of the time) and I see their dating lives going on quite awhile. Thanks for the comment. :)

Reviewer: kes7 Signed [Report This]
Date: 10 Sep 2013 07:19 Title: I Don't Want It To End

That was absolutely adorable.  You did a great job with Seven's voice.  You really nailed her ability to give a seemingly simple statement way more meaning through subtle bodly language and voice inflection.  At times, I kind of felt like I was peeking into a rarely-explored corner of my own fic universe -- like, I kept imagining what she might tell Icheb if he asked about her blind date.  Totally fun stuff!    

As a random aside, I love that you remembered strawberries are her favorite.  

My one quibble is that I'm trying to figure out how in the world she got him back to her place without being forced to divert to the hospital.  Seems to me that any cabbie/transport operator/etc. would have called the cops upon seeing an ex drone with an injured, unconscious human.  And while I've no doubt she's capable of carrying him, it wouldn't be inconspicuous, which might also result in intervention by the authorities, especially if anyone reported the fight at the bar. 

Aside from that minor quibble, though, this was a seriously fun read and I'm so happy you wrote it.  Nice to see this side of Seven.  Loved it.

Author's Response:

So glad you thought her voice was right, I was worried it wasn't. I advanced her in a few areas (as this is in 2385 thereabouts in my head), so she's better adapted to some things. I really enjoyed writing this and I was surprised to find the two had such chemistry together -- it wasn't apparent in the free write, really, but it got better as it went along and it's what propelled me to finish it in one night.

As to how she got him back to her place, THAT is another story entirely and one I will be writing today/tonight. I had planned to this originally while writing it, simply because that story deserves to shine on its own. I think you'll like it, stay tuned. Thanks for the comment. :)

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