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The USS Kestrel, an ageing Miranda class, serving as part of the Border Service has the thankless task of patrolling some of the murkier corners of the Federation.                                                        As the seat of Federation power in a dangerous and wild region of space, the Kestrel acts to paraphrase her firebrand captain, Captain Gregory McGregor, 'as the rule and the law, the line in the sand, the first and last line of defence for the Federation'. They can't call in the cavalry because they are the cavalry. They stand the line, they duke it out, they shout them down; they are the Border Patrol Service, otherwise known as the Border Dogs.                                                                                                       A ramshackle, rough and ready crew, led by the acerbic, sarcastic, bombastic, over the top, pain-in-the-ass, coarse and unprofessional Captain Gregory McGregor. Just the type of behaviour to get stuff on the border done! There's no time for Jean-Luc's niceties here!
The Border Dogs might be seen as the ‘poor cousins' of the Fleet and the Miranda might be seen as the ‘Ford pick-up of Starfleet' but the Kestrel in the humble opinion of her Captain shows the Fleeters how to do things the proper way.

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