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Dishing It Out by jespah K

In 3131, the Temporal Integrity Commission sends Lili...

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USS Talon: The Beauty of Gray by Erin Moriarty MA
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Since its founding in early 2009, the Ad Astra Star Trek Fanfiction Archive strives to bring you quality fanfics without any of the headaches. Our community of authors offer a welcoming environment to read or contribute, by providing a friendly enclave in which to discuss, publish, and collaborate.

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September 2014 Monthly Challenge

The challenges return! This month's comes to use from Miranda Fave, who says, "'On my word...'

The challenge this month is to write a piece inspired by or using those words. Words

Is it a promise made, a promise broken? An oath pledged or the character of a person? Is it a command given? A call to arms, a call for revolution? Is a matter of honour, a matter of pride? A shock or surprise? The start of a race or some countdown? You decide. On your word it will be. And have fun."

--jespah on 11 Sep 2014 21:35 0 Comments

Twelve Trials of Triskellion 2014 - Week 11

It's the FREE FOR ALL week!

You are truly some dedicated thralls, worth many, many quatloos. This week, though, will continue to bring out your competitiveness, because this is the free for all! Everything you do on Ad Astra counts this week, so let every discipline you practice take off!

Best participant by points owns the week and the banner!

The scoring is as such:

For new forum topics - 50 points
+20 replies - 10 points
+40 replies - 20 points

For in depth replies to existing topics - 75 points

For blog entries - 150 points

For new stories posted - 250 points
For new chapters posted - 200 points

For new art posted - 250 points

For reviews - Standard scoring; word count, plus bonus points

Donations to the site: 300 points


--Miranda Fave on 27 Jul 2014 12:44 0 Comments

Twelve Trials of Triskellion 2014 - Week 9

One of the things that makes the archive and the forum such a success and such a pleasure is of course the wonderful community of writers and readers. Interactive feedback is insanely valuable to a writer and hey everyone can do with an ego boost, because no matter the review, we all like to get a chime telling us someone read our work and felt enough to make a comment good, bad or indifferent. So get reading and reviewing for another manic Review Hunt

The review hunt is scored thusly:

  • Base points: The number of words per review.  So, if you write five words in a review, you get five points.
  • Bonus points: As stated above, we like to reward quality over quantity.  Therefore, you can win bonus points for posting an in-depth review!
  • Extra bonus points: For every review on a story on the Master List, there will be an additional +? bonus points (Steff can decide that).

The Master List is going to be a recommendation of one of your own stories and one from a different author. Post your story choices in this thread.

Post reviews in the Review Count thread.

There is no limit on the stories you can review.  You're welcome to re-review a story you read long ago, bringing new insights to the table for the author to enjoy.  Feed the creative souls of Ad Astra, and win!

--Miranda Fave on 12 Jul 2014 20:40 0 Comments